UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021


Rhythm Hub, a site of new beginnings

Rhythm Hub is a project seeking to connect two cultures together. In preliminary polls, many English-speaking arcade goers expressed interest in trying Japanese-based rhythm games. However, they cited lack of English support and community as their main reason for not exploring further.

This project seeks to bridge the gap. Rhythm Hub is filled with resources and guides crafted by American players to ease the learning process for beginners. With just a few stepping stones, the once impossible no longer is such.

Posters like the one above hang next to various games in attempt to push those on the fence to give the game a try.
The website itself features a broken grid design, to help amplify the idea of breaking the norm or trying something new. Users can sort games by their interest or availabilty by country in the header menu. 

That’s enough small talk though, come see what the site is actually like at the link below!