UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021

Cole Munsterman


This project started out with research focussed on tattoos, who gets them and why people get them. Throughout the research I found myself mostly interested in the way that people judge others with tattoos without knowing why they are there. With that in mind I kind of switched gears towards this. The goal with this project was to explore the internal vs. external meanings of artworks. To do this I came up with different memories throughout my life and thought about what I could draw to represent this, when working on them I made it the main goal to leave out telltale signs about what the inspiration behind each one was. With leaving out anything I wanted to leave everything up to the viewer’s interpretation. In the display, I asked viewers to either draw on of their own or to write down what is communicated to them in one of the images hanging up. One of the most difficult parts of this project was coming up with a name, I wanted something that kind of fit in with the same idea of the illustrations in sort of misleading the viewer. What I came up with was a lyric from a song that kind of fit in with the idea of memories and how we interact with them. “All For Nothing” fits in with the way I kind of reflect on what this project meant to me personally, in exploring so many times throughout my life I was reminded that if I can’t learn and grow from each time, then it was all for nothing. My hope is that this project is able to generate at least some thought in to the way that we judge things that we do not fully understand, not just in artwork, but with everything in the world. The video below is what was used in the display to give some hints to what 3 of the illustrations were inspired by/based on.