UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021


By Eden Gose

My goal for this project is to create a welcoming environment that celebrates the relationship we have with the food that fuels us. I want people to remember all the good that our life brings. My hope is to remind people that this is an intimate relationship, just like anything else that is important to us. Relationships take time to build, and the struggle to feel at home in our own bodies can feel manageable when we do it together. Creating more good experiences with food rather than bad experiences can set us up for positive days ahead. My goal is for people to have a good relationship with food and an environment that feels right each individual.

Over the course of this semester, I have made a collection of items that helps to develop a comfortable environment between oneself and food. My capstone reflects my journey and is a look into the relationship with ourselves, food, and the people surrounding us. Incorporating how our senses, emotions, and memories overlap can explain and explore the different realms of food and our behaviors.

What my Collection Includes


This publication includes my research findings and my own reflection between food and ourselves in relation to the environment we create and live in. It asks questions about our senses, the space to reflect on our self worth, and how I create my own safe environment. In addition to the focus on our emotions and senses, I include space for recipes, notes, tips, and photographs that can help an individual to further develop their relationship and space.

Seed Place Cards:

For a unique dining experience, place cards that have more than just a name on it, can leave your guests feeling appreciated and cared for. These place cards are designed with enough space for a name and a sweet message. It also contains seeds so that when your guests leave, they can tear the bottom part of the paper and plant beautiful flowers.

Mosaic Coaster DIY Set:

An at home project designed to create a set of four coasters for your own environment. The kit includes mosaic pieces, grout, and coaster backing to create a stress free, fun activity to connect them with their space. My father is a tile mason and to be able to bring his ideas into my home in a functional way is special and fun. These coasters are designed to be big enough to use as a hot pad, and double as a set of coasters.

Home Woodcut:

Filling your own space with various items is really important to feel at home. For me, that includes art, wall hangings, and photographs. This woodcut is of my grandparents old home in Falls City, NE. My Gramie May has played a crucial role in every part of my life, but has the biggest impact of always being in the kitchen and providing people with a warm, home cooked meal. So many wonderful memories were created in this home and it is special to be able to bring it into my home.
Be With The People That You Love:

A letter press poster that is printed on my handmade paper with dried yellow flowers embedded. I want people to create not only a physical space where they feel safe, but also surround themselves with the right people. Our home and relationship with food is important, just like the people in our life. Made with the help of Constellation Studios and guidance from Karen Kunc.

Hand Dyed Journals:

I created blank journals that are specially hand dyed with a variety of foods and spices. Being able to allow ourselves to reflect on our relationship with others and ourselves, have a place for quick thoughts, create a new recipe book, or anything really. These journals are meant to enhance our relationship with food by allowing a safe space for one’s thoughts and experiences with food and daily life.


See everyone’s design work at the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Union building - Centennial Conference Room Monday through Wednesday.

Closing reception will be from 5 - 8pm on Wednesday, May 5th.

Eden Gose

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