UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021


Our sole mission is to visually showcase sudanese culture and bring artistic value to our community. We want to bring forth the essence of our homeland and identity within a contemporary lens. Our hope is to revitalize what it means to be sudanese in our home away from home.

Many generations born and raised outside of Sudan have lost touch with our cultural identity. We want to bring forth our celebration of our history and progression through the pursuit of the arts. Our community has made many sacrifices in hopes of furthering younger generations and this is our way of giving back what they have given for us. We will be sudanese no matter how far away from home.



Being Sudanese in America means being questioned about your identity at all times. Everyone assumes you are African American, so it boggles their minds when you can speak Arabic or happen to be Muslim. It means being put into a box that you have to be tall, athletic, and cool. Anything outside of that, and you're considered less-than. It also means struggling with being considered too African for Americans and too American for your family back home. But, it is a beautiful thing to be Sudanese! There is pride in where we're from that our parents constantly remind us of with family albums, calls to family members back home, and catching up on Sudanese television so we're aware of what is happening in Sudan right now.