UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021

Lindsey Stewart

is a new age secondhand clothing store that operates through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. For this project, I wanted to draw attention to the Fashion Waste Crisis, as well as offer a new form of shopping that eliminates hundreds of pounds of carbon emissions every year. 

What makes HV different?
HV is dedicated to giving back to the planet, and with the uptick in secondhand shopping in Gen Z, there’s a chance we could be the generation to finally put an end to Fast Fashion.

High Voltage also offers a unique oppurtunity to turn your pre-loved clothing into pieces of art for a fair price. Customers can simply send us a message describing the article of clothing they’d like customized and what they’re looking for, and we’ll design a one of a kind piece of art that compliments their taste.

Show Set-Up


Check us out: