UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021


Through Other Eyes

This project was conceptualized by my need for understanding. I hadn’t previously thought much about vision experiences and how they differ between every person.
‘Through Other Eyes’ is supposed to give viewers the ability to empathize and develop a deeper connection between life style and visual perception whether it be what they’re used to or not.

What’s Highlighted

    I focused on a variety of visual impairments ranging from mild to severe. Within these are ones that could be categorized as legally blind or just an inconvenience. They include glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, hemispatial neglect, macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, neurological vision impairment, and macular degeneration. I did such a wide range to try and cover as many differences as possible. 

  I included these panels that focused on more of facts and qualities of impairments that the pure visuals couldn’t encompass. They also housed the other impairments that I mentioned that didn’t hold the spotlight on the main display. Although not pictured in the digital renderings, the illustrations shown above are included on this aspect of the showcase too.
The pamphelts pictured below hit the rest of the idea home. I wanted a takeaway element that would give some “interesting facts” and “the science behind” my projects whole idea. This is where viewers could go to look for the more technical information.