UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021


I have trained in dance since I was a toddler and spent nearly two decades learning, watching, and performing dance. Upon my high school graduation I decided rather than let this era of my life go, I wanted to translate my effort and experience into the teaching realm. This introduced me to a whole other world of the art form I was fairly unfamiliar with.

This transition also sparked questions and curiosity in me, is there a best way to teach these movements? How have people taught it before me? Is my message translating to my students? To the audience? Is there a way to make this moment last forever? These questions became the inspiration for my design capstone.

I began researching ways that dance has been documented throughout history. I had always wanted to create a piece showing my appreciation for the art form and learning how others have “captured” dance throughout history helped to inform my knowledge and provide direction.

I learned of graphic, minimal cave paintings depicting rituals performed through dance. I studied Labanotation or “written dance”, a series of triangles and rectangles that correspond with body parts and movement used to notate entire pieces of choreogprahy. I drew inspiration from beautiful choreographic drawings, photographic and video techniques, as well as so much more.

The imagery from these forms translates into the content for my poster designs. Seeing centuries worth of notation styles, accompanying dance imagery, helps to visually explain the rich history of the art and act as an ode to the form.

The folded nature of the posters encourages movement in a specific way, almost acting as a piece of choreography being performed around the exhibit. I am excited to be able to share this work and have viewers navigate through my space.