UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021



The Maps themselves were designed using a custom software, and are designed to be modular, adding to the replayability of the individual tiles. each one has its own obstacles and bonuses, making each leg of the chase its own challenge.

Wrath of The Pack Lord

On the island of Brodal, a new threat has emerged. a massive pack of Gnolls, savage part-hyena monsters, have been plaguing the farmland. Supply wagons have been raided, and food is running out in the town of Larnwick. It’s up to a brave group of adventurers to get their wagon of supplies to town, and help Larnwick stave off the wrath of the Pack Lord... 

Wrath of the Pack Lord is a module designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The work itself is based on content I originally created for my group of players nearly 5 years ago. The content is designed to play out as a springboard for Game Masters to expound upon. The content itself is set for a single encounter, but can be used to create a full campaign.

Four Gnolls guard a bridge, ready to ambush travelers and players alike.

The Gnolls
The Gnolls of Brodal are known for their brutality and love for conflict. Born from the Demon Lord of Slaughter, they show no signs of remorse or mercy. Their culture is one of simle brutality. This is reflected in their portraits. Black and Dark red palette is seen to its full extent in their designs.

The Final Box Design


Inspired by and partnering with Dungeon Crate, Wrath of The Pack Lord would come as a boxed product. Included would be an encounter module, along with everything veteran and brand new Game Masters would need in order to run the encounter. This includes A map of the road into Larnwick, as well as a set of 8 Gnoll miniatures. Printed on acrylic sheets, the gnoll figures are dynamic while also being space-concious for dimensions of the box, allowing for any number of extra goodies to be put inside.


Michael Lembree
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