UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021

Ming Shen Lim

Game Character Design

About: This project is to pitch ideas, design characters and to develop the story of a game in the early stages. I was also interested in 3D character modeling, this project also gave me opportunity to learn new software like Blender and Procreate. 

Chronos T1M-3
Plot: Time, is a progress that continuously exist through past, present and future. If time is being disrupted or history was altered through time traveling, the fabric of time and space would be ripped and torn. The universe would then cease to exist. You are a member of T.S.C(Time & Space Corps). You are responsible for preventing time traveling monsters (Time Cleaver) from traveling into the past and alter the historical events. You will be assigned into a team every mission to encounter the Time Cleaver to resolve the problem before it happens.

There was an alert in the Time Travel room, the time travel machine suddenly malfunction, mechanics rushed into the room to check on the issue. It was later found out that some information on the time machine timeline had been disrupted. There were some missing data, and some information was corrupted. Hence, the special Time and Space Corps were sent to investigate the problem. It is found out that there is an organization trying to alter the major historical events. You, as a new recruit of the T.S.C are task to carry out the mission to investigate the issue and find out what is the organization, and what is their motivation behind their actions.

How it works:Basically, this is a SCI-FI game, you will take missions and level up your rank as you progress, the higher your rank, the more difficult your missions will be, and the more you will find out about the organization and their motives. It is a mission-by-mission game, for example, in the year 1968, a major event had happened, Martin Luther King Jr was to be assassinated on the April 4th, 1968, the Time and Space Corps received an alert that someone is trying to alter the event by preventing Martin Luther King Jr from being assassinated. You are assigned to travel back into the past few days before the event happened, to investigate and prevent it from happening. After you complete the mission, you will travel back to the future and wait for the next attack/mission. Another mission appears in 18th century, someone is trying to prevent the revenge of the forty-seven ronin from avenging the death of their master, known as the Ako Vendetta. The Time and Space Corps received the alert, and you are deployed to the era to investigate who is trying to change the timeline and why and prevent that from happening.


The Three Mushroomies



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