UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021

I am a Diaspora 

Exhibit Piece

Diasporas are theoretically forced to assimilate to the American culture as soon as they step on American soil. Unfortulately, with that comes putting your own culture at a stand still. Most of us do not intend to forget our roots, as we intend to rebuild and regrow our roots so that we can stand tall again. The only problem is we don’t completely fit into this new world and we cant quite go back to our old world. 


Hi, my name is Tea (tay-uh) Ilic. 

My theme is ‘diaspora’ and my goal was to showcase what being a diaspora means to me. By doing so, I created a artpiece that represents how I and others might feel as a diaspora in America. In this art piece, eight different nationalities are shown. These are the Diasporas that populate America. Each letter as I mentioned encapsulates one nationality.

Metaphorically speaking the patterns and letters are put on the American flag with no choice as they are in reality. And within that comes the underlying feelings that represents the “blue drips” from within the letters. Each person experiences their own trials annd errors. In the grand scheme, all of us relate in the sense that we have become unintentional nomads. 


I focused on expressing my message indirectly within my art piece. I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with statistics or too much knowledge on who what and where. I wanted you mainly to feel and understand and feel through the art piece.

Process Photo

Process & Research 

In this photo you to see the process I went through with designing each individual pattern. These designs were created indivually by hand and then engraved with the CNC laser. After the engraving process was finished. I used another engraver and carved my letters out of the wood. 

Tea Ilic Graphic Design Student 

2021 Capstone