UNL Graphic Design
Capstone 2021

What minority women in vietnam wear?

Vietnam is a diverse country with 54 ethnicities. But 53 ethnicities contained in only 13% of the population while Kinh ethnic takes up to 87% of the population. Due to the overwhelming population of Kinh people, the image of the minority in Vietnam is not well represented throughout Vietnam and the world. The project aims to bring forward different cultures in Vietnam that might not be seen by the world.

Behind the scenes story

As an international student born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, I always love to share my culture with the world. But I slowly realized that what I have been sharing with the world is my perspective of Vietnam from a Kinh ethnics. But, Vietnam’s culture not only diverse in terms of scale but also in terms of scope. Each ethnic have different traditions and believes. As I reflected on my experience as a majority ethnic, this led me to this project.

Instead of focusing on the majority population of Vietnam, I decided to give light to minority cultures in Vietnam. The project is created with my siblings in mind. I want the create materials that can introduce them to the diverse cultures besides themselves by introducing different attires from other ethnicities.